Peer Group for therapists and counsellors:

This group supports  therapists and counsellors to support their clients.

It  is a monthly space to come together with fellow professionals who speak the same language  and want to deep dive into new perspectives to help their clients. 

We look at supervision issues, stuck issues with clients, boundaries, what our client is really asking for,  and  where our own personal stuff gets in the way of fully seeing our clients and what they want from us.  

The groups are private, confidential and a safe place to support each other with challenging or stuck clients.  The particular method we use - family constellations -  enables  members to zoom out on a client's issues and relationships to see where there is the most potential in clients for change.    

Therapists and counsellors  often work in isolation and being a part of this community enables  like-minded practitioners to share experiences,  and deepen wisdom and learning.    

Liz Sleeper the group facilitator,has been working with  family constellation for 10 years.   Working in these peer groups participants  get to see - and sometimes embody, what is most pressing in a client's work and where divided loyalties create obstacles.  Often for practitioners, the stories and details a client presents can be overwhelming.  These groups can short circuit the overwhelm and give therapists a clearer picture of how to move forward in the consulting room.

 This way of working brings the issues of transgenerational trauma and rupture and repair into the picture, which enables participants to see where there is the most energy for change in a system. .

Group members find using this method gives a lot of extra insight and weight to their professional practice.   They also appreciate  the  support & community received  from regularly sharing practice issues  with the expertise, respect and kindness of peers who speak the same language.  


The group is a closed group and will run from February 2021  to July 2021.
Meetings take place online the first Tuesday evening of the month 18.30- 21.30 GMT 


Please note that this group is an addition to  professional supervision and cannot be considered a substitute for your particular professional practice.  

In the past, in face to face groups that have come together in one geographic location, we have had to be careful to ensure there are no supervision clashes with new group members.  In the online space, this is less likely to happen.  However, the first members of the group are always given the opportunity to say no to new members if there are supervision clashes.  If this is the case,  there is another group that meets and you may be able to join that  group instead. 


If you have more questions, please email me. If helpful we can have a brief telephone or zoom call.  

Below is feedback from a therapist who has been in one of my groups for 5 years.



    "As a therapist, it can be hard sometimes to see what is going on for a client beyond how they have shared.   The Constellations we use in this group, is a totally different approach, we can stop trying to work things out, and simply allow the system to illustrate the dynamics at play.

By illuminating patterns that have not been recognised or acknowledged, a constellation can simply help us to see ‘what is’.   And recognition can be a relief, or it can deepen the understanding of the bigger system being explored.  It may throw up things never mentioned, like a missing family member, or unresolved conflict and this is an affecting element in the clients life. 

Working in a group of experienced therapists, guided by Liz Sleeper’s skilled facilitation, our exploring of client issues is not only revealing and helpful, it is also nourishing.  Most of us work in isolation, so building a community of colleagues is precious. "  




Annual Membership Fees:

£200 for 6 sesssions.  


There are no refunds for missed sessions.

If participants have missed a session they can join a public session free of charge.
Public sessions are 90 minutes and usually take place on Wednesday evenings 19.30 pm to 21.00


Cancellation Policy:

Refund if you change your mind within 14 days of joining.


Once the group has started fees are non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances

Year Long group membership (£200.00)

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February 02, 2021 18:30 - July 06, 2021 21:30 (GMT +00:00 London)

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