Standing in the Line of Women

Join us this International Women's Day to connect with your female line

Most  of us come from families where our mothers, grand-mothers and great-grandmothers experienced pinched off lives.  

And even though Women in the West live now with economic and legal freedoms unheard of for our ancestors - and still unavailable to many women today, many of us hold ourselves back.


  • Some of us feel invisible barriers holding us back from stepping into our power
  • Some of us feel invisible barriers that make it hard for us to freely give love to our children and grandchildren
  • Some of us hold ourselves back in ways we just don't understand
  • Others of us recognise it is hard to allow ourselves to thrive in life - if our grandmothers were born into slavery, or domestic servitude

    Join us on this journey down our mothers' lines and find your allowing of women's power and thriving in your life. 
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March 08, 2021 17:00 - 20:00 (GMT +00:00 London)

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